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We are pleased to announce the long awaited update to the CMS module. This module allows your company to easily create/manage your website content from the comfort of your WHMCS admin area

Welcome to Easy WHMCS

We specialise in making using WHMCS easy as we offer a number of addons that expand the WHMCS functionality. We also offer installation and integration services aswell as upgrades for WHMCS. We can also offer Custom Development for WHMCS or standalone scripts, where we can create the functionality you require.


We have created a wide range of WHMCS modules to expand the functionality of your WHMCS installation. The aim of all of these modules is to make using WHMCS as easy as possible which inevitably makes running your business easier.

From adding extra functionality to creating custom pages within your WHMCS, our addons cover it all.

If you require a module we don't currently have available, please see our custom development services for a quote

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Is upgrading to the latest version of WHMCS a daunting task? We understand that your WHMCS billing system is an important part of your business. Fear not we can assist you with this.

With our professional upgrade service we can take the worry out of upgrading your WHMCS and handle this for you.

We will take great care in upgrading your WHMCS to the latest version ensuring minimum downtime and keeping the customisations you have in place.

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Do you want your client area to look like it is a seamless part of your website? We can match your main website design to your client area with our professional integration service.

With our service we create a custom template for you.

Our standard integration service will provide you with a WHMCS template that matches your site, the header and footer will be updated to look like your existing site.

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Custom Development

Are you missing a certain functionailty you require? We offer custom coding development services for those who need additional or custom functionality for their website.

Custom Development isn't limited to within WHMCS itself and we can also create stand alone scripts aswell as integrations for other applications.

We have a dedicated team of developers standing by at EasyWHMCS ready to assist you with any coding projects you may require. Please contact us for a custom quote.

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