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Getting Started with WHMCS CMS

Thank you for purchasing WHMCS CMS; the "CMS" addon for WHMCS. The WHMCS CMS addon allows for you to create web pages inside your whmcs document route using your whmcs template system editable within the admin area. Installing the WHMCS CMS addon is a simple 4 step process that should take about 2 minutes to complete.  Before installing WHMCS CMS, unzip the zip file to a folder on a local computer to make sure the archive is not corrupt.


Installing WHMCS CMS in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Upload all files to your WHMCS root.
  2. Visit the addon module in WHMCS Admin area > Utilities > Addon Modules > WHMCS CMS
  3. Enter your license key and click install
  4. Your WHMCS CMS has now been sucessfully installed


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